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Jim Cohan has been a nutritionist for over 30 years. About 25 years ago, Jim became involved in coordinating Human Organ Transplants internationally. He located non-U.S. countries that adhered to "Presumed Consent" policies, allowing safe, legal, human organ transplants without lengthy waiting periods.

Jim works with countries that have large modern hospitals, staffed with English speaking professionals. Most of the surgeons in these hospitals have been educated and trained in the U.S and utilize the most current surgical procedures, equipment, and medications in their transplant programs.

The organs that are donated in these hospitals are obtained from cadavers and live donors through government regulated programs. These organs are not bought, sold, traded, or brokered. All of the procedures used are strictly legal, supervised by the government and hospital administrators. Because of the abundance of organs, second and third grafts are not required as is often the case in the U.S. and other countries that follow U.S. policies concerning organ transplants.

The cost for a Kidney or Pancreas is $140,000 U.S. The cost for a Heart, Lung, or Liver is $225,000 U.S. These costs include travel and all hospital fees, including the required organ, surgery, and medications needed for a successful organ transplant. The cost also includes travel and lodging for a friend, relative, or nurse, who accompanies the recipient, providing companionship and support during the transplant process. There are no additional costs.

Everything is coordinated by J. Cohan and Associates. "Our responsibility is to manage every step of the process, from the time the recipient leaves home to the time of their return." Jim Cohan personally assists in the coordination process only, and is not involved in hospital or government policies, decisions, or procedures.

The cost for the transplant procedure is not covered by insurance, so this must be taken into consideration before contacting us. Those who choose to utilize our service have, for the most part, decided to move forward with the transplant process. They have the funds available, understand the process, and have made the commitment.

As the world's population increases, the number of people requiring organ transplants continues to put a heavier strain on already limited  resources driving up costs. So too the number of patients with Pancreas Disease, Type ll Diabetes, Renal Disease, End Stage Renal Failure, Heart, and Lung Disease, as well as those with Hepatitis in need of organ transplant have increased.
Providing immediate transplants, both cadaver and live, in countries concerned with providing safe and legal procedures, is our primary goal.
We continue to urge people to contact law makers to change the laws legalizing paid organ donation and presumed consent policies so that all people in need are able to obtain healthy transplants and excellent care at low cost. Until such times arrive, we shall continue to strive to improve and prolong the quality of life through our work

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